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Welcome to Bonds Consulting. Boons’ consulting is an international consulting firm based in Tokyo, Japan that operates in various domains. Our consultants work with clients in multinational corporations, international organisations, governments and private structures.

As a diverse solution provider, we offer expertise and services aimed at satisfying our clients and assisting them successfully obtain their objectives.
At Bonds Consulting, the client is the king. We respect everyone, set the highest standards for ourselves to ensure that they meet the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on providing well researched solutions to the needs of our clients.
We have successfully delivered projects in a number of sections including IT, trade (import-export), tourism and translation.
Our experienced consultants will discuss with you about your requirements in order to help us understand your business challenges.
We have great experience in IT consulting and IT support. We can help you with web design, optimise web sites for good rankings in search engines, and make your network infrastructure secure and reliable.
As a trade partner, we can assist you obtain your business goals in the quickest time possible and best quality available. We have delivered goods in Europe, Middle East, North America, Asia and Africa.
Our firm also consist of a cream of seasoned translators who can translate in more than three different languages; English, Arabic and French also Japanese .
And if you are considering making a trip for vacation, you can count on us to arrange your journey for you. We offer excellent tour guides in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.
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Our service motto is “Let our clients - Feel Safe with Us”

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